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Medical Jump provides medical concierge services and destination management services ranging from USD 200 for our elementary package that includes:

  • Making reservations for you and your attendant, (if any) at a hotel, resort, apartment or hostel as per your requirement preferably at a safe and comfortable location.
  • Negotiating best rates for you.
  • Arranging for your and your attendant`s, (if any) airport transfer in a comfortable car to your accommodation.
  • Take you to hospital / clinic for your tests, evaluations, consultation and medical treatment
  • Help your complete admission procedure, if required.
  • Arrange for your returning to your accommodation once you are discharged after completion of your procedure.
  • Accompany you to hospital or clinic for your post-op check-up
  • Arrange for your returning to your accommodation once your thorough check-up is completed.
  • Arrange for your pick up from your accommodation and taking you to the airport for your departure from the country.

Few examples of situations which would require upgrade from our “Elementary” package are listed below:

  1. You require airport transfers in Van, Ambulance or Luxury car(We provide transportation in comfortable Sedan).
  2. In case, you have more than 2 luggage.
  3. In case, number of attendant exceeds one.
  4. you are required to visit the hospital for post-op more than once
Note* For such a situation, please inform us in advance.

Your medical escorts are highly experienced, have good knowledge of local and international culture, are fluent in English and Local Languages. We can also arrange for Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Marati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada language.
He or she will be your one point of contact, incase you need any help or advice with any other matter(s) or you need someone to help you contact you friends or loved ones back home, for any reason.

Your medical concierge / medical escort will in no circumstances be hospital or clinic`s employee and not compensated by any health care facility or professionals. You medical concierge will help you have great experience by taking care of your best interests, which includes, ensuring things go smoothly at hospital / clinic and ensuring that you are well treated as well as fairly and accurately charged for health care services that you receive.

NOTE* For Concierge service please provide us your requirement in advance, to avoid last minute availability issues and confusions.
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